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    ADD:Dawang Town Taicang
    Linkman:Wang Peiming


    Started in 1993,Taicang Haifeng electroplating co.Ltd. was formally founded in August, 2000 with unremitting efforts. Now the company covers an area of 30 acres, with 200 employees (including 50 quality control staff, 10 quality assurance staff and 25 technical staff). We own fixed assets of RMB 38 million, with an annual production value of RMB 80 million, and an annual production capacity of RMB 120 million.

    Our company is specialized in plating, (mainly deal with auto parts), with automatic equipments and advanced facilities. It is professional in the process of Zinc-nickel alloy, cathode electrophoresis with rack and barrel plating and of all kinds of auto parts such as hydraulic pipe fittings. All the process in our company are free from CN Cr6 or other hazardous material which meets the requirement of our customer.

    Haifeng electroplating believes in science and technology, hunmaninties, environmental protection and management as one of the business philosophy, develops new process and products, and has been certified by CQI-11, CQI-12, VAD6.1, VAD6.3,etc. In order to strengthen the management and continuously improve product quality. Haifeng has passed the ISO 9001:2000 quality system and ISO/TS 16949:2002; Also, Haifeng has invested in new facilities for pollution control to get a comprehensive clean production, reducing the generation of pollutants in the production phase. All process is environmental friendly and compiled with the national requirements of environmental protection. In 2010, it obtained the 14001:2004 certification.

    Haifeng electroplating tends to keep pacing forward with faith to create a better tomorrow with you.

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